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Drop-Ship/Single Pieces Program (Now Available to Canada!)

If you are not familiar with what Drop Ship is, let us take a moment to explain. Drop Ship is a quick and easy way to ship products directly to YOUR customer, hassle free! This is a great option if you would rather not keep the inventory yourself, instead order as you sell the products on your website. We will take care of shipping and delivering the products for you!

As a retailer, you are welcome to use our photos to sell the items. Please be aware that if you copy the links for the photos, this will direct your customers to OUR website! Rather than linking, just save the images and upload them to your website.

It is completely up to you how much you plan to mark up the products. The price reflected on our website shows a handling fee for breaking up the bundles. You will be responsible for paying for the shipping cost of the items. If you have questions about our shipping costs, please see our Shipping Policy page.

If you decide to use our Drop Ship program, once you get to the checkout page make sure you check the box that says, "Drop Ship." When you are filling in the billing address, you will use the address associated with your form of payment. As for the shipping address this is where you will put in your customer's shipping information.

Please note, any returns must be made through your customer within 5 business days.

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